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Kindred Spirit

We bring emotional and spiritual healing to those who brought tour special spirits into this world.

Our Mission

We believe God doesn’t make mistakes, and He enables ordinary people like us to be entrusted with super ordinary kids like yours. It is a high calling to provide quality care to those physically and mentally challenged, honoring our Heavenly Father, and bringing emotional and spiritual healing to those who brought them into this world.

Our Philosophy

Kindred Spirit is a compassionate, God-honoring home based upon Biblical principles of what a life is worth to God, and in His eyes, as Creator, everyone has high value. We are committed to being the best advocates for our residents, working hand in hand with families, physicians and other supportive people.

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2320 W. Dodge Rd.
Clio, MI 48420–1664

Fax: 810.686.8939
Email: shaunda@kindredspirit.org

Michigan Residence for the Multiply Impaired

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